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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Where to buy banana plants and seeds

I have received a number of emails asking where to get banana plants and seeds. In my previous post, Buying Banana plants: seeds vs. started plants I said I have purchased all my banana plants online. The online retailer I've used has been EBay! Unfortunately what is available for bid can be hit and miss, and not a very good option if you are looking for a specific species. There are several online nurseries that specialize in bananas that you should look at as well, though they can also run out of a particular species.

Remember that even if you need more than one stalk to fill in an area, just buy one! If the banana is compatible with the area you plant it you will soon have many pups to transplant and give to your friends! (In any case, January a little early to order pups in Virginia.)

Seeds are a very economical way to start bananas and are usually available from online retailers. You can even get seeds for uncommon bananas that are rarely if ever available as pups, any many seeds will have descriptions saying "new to cultivation". With seeds you get to try a new plant for very little cost, and it gives you some gardening to do during the winter!

I just started an "aStore", where I've listed several of the seeds available on Amazon that look like they would be neat bananas to try.

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